Arthur (Guy) Horner, C(k)P®
Managing Director-Investment Officer
CA Insurance License # 0B07191 
Telephone: (310) 552-5664 










Dan Fienberg, CFP®, C(k)P®
Senior Vice President-Investments
CA InsuranceLicense #0C64927
NMLS#557683                                   Telephone: (310) 552-5673





















Marianne O'Neill, CRPC
Senior Registered Client Associate
Telephone: (310) 552-5662




The HF (Horner-Fienberg) Retirement Group establishes, grows, and maintains a strong client-advisor relationship by providing each client with personal attention and preferred access to the best financial resources available in the marketplace.

The HF Retirement Group is a leading advisor on corporate 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans and defined benefit plans. Both Guy and Dan were recently nominated, and Guy recognized, as one of 2010's "300 Most Influential Defined Contribution Advisors" by the 401kwire.

To ensure that each client receives the most advanced level of service for their employees, owners and fiduciaries, we collaborate with the best-in-class providers of administration and record keeping. We also assist our business clients by providing access to capital - loans or equity, and by providing short & long-term succession planning.

In addition to business owners, our team works with a select group of high-net-worth individuals, families, and retirees to consult on all aspects of their financial lives. In short, clients view our role as their personal "CFO."

From implementing tax-efficient strategies for concentrated stock positions to providing retirement and educational planning, we work with you closely and continuously to develop a personalized plan that's designed to help you accumulate and preserve your wealth.

By creating a customized wealth management plan, our team strives to optimize the efficiency of your financial goals and, when necessary, works with each client's tax and legal advisors to develop tax-efficient financial strategies. Our planning-based discussions revolve around each client's particular financial needs, including short and long-term objectives, time horizons and tolerance for risk.

Once your wealth management plan is implemented, we periodically review your plan's progress with you to make certain that the strategy and structure remain aligned with your overall financial needs.


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